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Ep.28 Show Runner – Tiffany Stroupe

Ep.28 Show Runner – Tiffany Stroupe

•Tour a Dynasty Brand and the Future of Customer Experience Centers!

You’ll get a behind the scenes view of a DYNASTY BRAND with a worldwide reach and hear how innovative customer experience centers are shaping the future of retail. Tiffany is a change agent and a believer in saying yes to opportunity. Hear how she went from Tailor Made to Taco Bell to Hyundai as she brings an extraordinary perspective to our conversation of marketing, branding, communications, and personal growth. With an MBA in management and leadership, she takes us on an epic journey through Hyundai Motors in Korea and shares her experience with how they’re changing the culture, the expectations, and the aspirations of the automotive world, abroad and in the USA. You’ll also find her enthusiasm and excitement for continued learning and career growth a fantastic mentoring opportunity – she has some great tips you won’t want to miss!

Tiffany Stroupe, Senior Group Manager, Customer Experience Strategy Hyundai Motor North America

Lessons you will learn from this podcast:

  • What does Saks Fifth Avenue, an interactive museum and an outdoor garden have in common with robotics, engineering, and a test track?
  • Canada, Korea, United States – how to foster an environment of collaboration with tools for sharing best practices while communicating across countries, cultures, and time difference
  • A fascinating look at the future of brand experience centers and their effect on customer satisfaction
  • Why bad news can help you make good decisions
  • An ingenious idea for using a white space calendar to motivate and inspire – a must-try!
  • Examples of networking for success and why the profound effects are worth that tiny bit of energy
  • Twitter’s – Flip it to test it – uncovering our own stereotypes and gender biases
  • Inclusion and diversity the secret sauce for doing it right
  • Authentic gender-balanced messages from Cummings, Salesforce, Gillette, and Audi

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