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EP.14 Show Runner – Laura Wolf Stein

EP.14 Show Runner – Laura Wolf Stein

•Passion Marketing, From Major Brands to Cause Marketing•

Using her Masters in Global Communication as the former Director of Consumer Marketing at Sony Electronics and VP of Marketing for SKLZ, Laura was responsible for the planning and execution of multi-million-dollar advertising and promotions budgets, as well as positioning some of the most prominent household brands.

Laura talks about the art and the science of marketing and brings her expertise in brand strategy, messaging, retail marketing, experiential events, PR, social media, e-commerce/digital, marketing sponsorships and cause marketing to our conversation.

Laura Wolf Stein, Marketing Director for The Challenged Athletes Foundation 

Master Brands & Sub-Brands Hierarchy – Feature Brands vs Sub-Brands

Lessons you will learn from this podcast:

  • Social media’s many functions, including how it put her cause on The NBC Nightly News
  • Working with retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Circuit City on high-level marketing strategies
  • The right way to approach big brands like Nike, Toyota, Ironman, and Apple for your cause
  • How to use your fans and allow them to amplify your brand by encouraging them to remix your brand in their voice
  • Passion messages, how to dial up the storytelling to engage consumer passions
  • Why staying relevant and active in consumer trends can help capture earned media
  • Why your brand’s purpose or cause is the tiebreaker for consumers and where they spend their dollars
  • The balancing act between Amazon’s master brand and its sub-brands laddering up the brand hierarchy
  • Sports leadership, mentoring and how to focus on failures as learning points

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