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EP.4 Show Runner – Megan Devine

EP.4 Show Runner – Megan Devine

•Turning Failure into Success, B2B and B2C Marketing•

Megan has worked for many types of marketing companies in her career – from creative agencies to data analytics companies – developing successful marketing strategies and tactics in B2B and B2C marketing; with expertise in retail, financial services, education and other industries.  She shares some great stories about learning from your mistakes and finding your footing in marketing and business.

Megan Devine, Owner of d.trio Marketing Group

Lessons you will learn from this podcast:

  • How to turn career failures into real success
  • How a mentor can actually change the way you see yourself
  • The digital results that really matter
  • The role of testing and attribution
  • How customers are shaping your brand
  • Innovation in responsive web design and mobile.
  • What channels hold the key to communicating with your best customers
  • Why you should never apologize for your true authentic self
  • No No No Yes!

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