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EP.3 Show Runner – Lindsay Allen

EP.3 Show Runner – Lindsay Allen

•Sport Marketing – The LPGA•

Lindsay works on several LPGA tournaments each year including the Kia Classic in San Diego California. Her duties Include developing advertising & marketing campaigns, creating unique sales opportunities, and managing sponsor fulfillment programs.

Lindsay also coordinates the LPGA Kia Classic’s annual Women’s Leadership Day event, that I have attended and which in part inspired me to want to network with women in marketing and develop this podcast.

Lindsay Allen, Tournament Director for the Ladies Professional Golf Association

Lessons you will learn from this podcast:

  • How to succeed in Sports marketing
  • Why the newest marketing innovation may not be right for your core audience
  • How to overcome the challenges of event marketing
  • How the LPGA uses Instagram stories to reach a broader audience
  • An easy to incorporate daily habit for continued learning
  • What stand-out trait Lindsay believes the most memorable people in marketing have in common
  • Mentoring and learning how to deal with stressful situations
  • What professional golf, global marketing, and the Olympics have in common

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