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EP.1 Show Runner – Michele Marlo

EP.1 Show Runner – Michele Marlo

•The Latest Marketing Innovations•

Michele has over 20 years of experience in brand and retail advertising. She started her career working for the national agencies of McCann Erickson and Donner. Michele then relocated to Southern California where she brought refreshing creativity and rock-solid strategy to one of San Diego’s biggest ad agencies, Advanced Marketing Strategies. Michele has crafted creative campaigns for clients such as Nissan, Toyota, Blockbuster, General Motors, Minute Maid, HGTV, IKEA, and Bekins Moving and Storage, just to name a few. Moreover, she’s worked with talent like Tiger Woods, Carmen Elektra, James Earl Jones, Jeff Bridges, and the animators of The Rug Rats cartoon series.

Michele Marlo, Executive Creative Director at Advanced Marketing Strategies, Inc.

Lessons you will learn from this podcast:

  • How to harness relationship building to gain loyalty for your brand
  • Using emotional connections in advertising to get noticed
  • Creative innovation
  • Why the role of brand ambassadors is so essential and how to use them
  • How organization, processes, and open communication can lead to great ideas
  • What Michele learned early on in her career as the only women in the room
  • From storyboards to Photoshop, the evolution of the tools of creative
  • Goal setting and preparing for change
  • How to land a job in a top creative agency

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